Lateral Violence is gossiping, rumours, sabotaging and back-stabbing. Lateral Violence is a destructive force that creates unhappy and unhealthy workplaces. It is rooted in colonization yet the solutions lie within each of us.

The impacts of Lateral Violence include lack of trust, lack of safety, high absenteeism and turnover - and reduced quality of service.

Is Lateral Violence an issue at your workplace? If you think the answer might be "yes", then please call or email anytime to discuss how Burrows Consulting might be able to help.


Neil Burrows, RSW (Clinical Therapist and Certified Mediator) and Joanne Mills, RSW (Aboriginal Health Manager and member of the Cree Nation) are available to deliver on-site Lateral Violence workshops and customized training.

The Lateral Violence workshop is a two day course covering:

  • What is Lateral Violence and where does Lateral Violence come from?

  • Who commits acts of Lateral Violence and why?

  • Where and when does Lateral Violence start? When and where does Lateral Violence stop?

  • How do we prevent Lateral Violence in our workplace?

Through a series of interactive exercises and discussions in the workshop, we will look at how Lateral Violence is affecting us and how we can take steps to restore harmony in the workplace.

Often, we provide Policy Review / Development specific to Lateral Violence as a "next step" for groups ready to instill sustainable positive change in their work environment. This reduces the risk of lowered productivity, staff turnover, excessive use of sick time, and WCB / Insurance claims.


Recognizing the Lateral Violence continues to be an issue in organizations and communities across Canada, we have partnered with the Good Medicine Group to create this exciting new program. Consistent with our shared belief that the keys to wellness are within a community, we have developed the Lateral Violence to Lateral Kindness (LV2LK): Train the Trainer Program. This highly interactive small group format ensures a safe learning environment, individualized care and attention, and a resource package for new facilitators that is unsurpassed!

Helping Communities Help Themselves

Call or email us today about bringing the Lateral Violence to Lateral Kindness (LV2LK): Train the Trainer Program to your community or organization.



This process can be used for most types of situations when the Ministry for Children & Family Development (MCFD) has become involved in a family’s life. Child removals, applications to Court for temporary or continuing care; or supervision orders can be mediated.

In most cases, mediation can eliminate the need for Court hearings. Agreements made in mediation can be filed with the Court, however, the parties do not need to appear for this to happen.

Usually, the mediator will meet individually with each party to explain how the mediation works and what they can expect. As long as the parties are willing to proceed, then the mediator brings all parties together to negotiate issues that are in dispute. Those issues that are successfully resolved are written into an "Agreement Made in Mediation".


Disputes between co-workers; managers and staff or amongst divisions within a worksite can be emotionally taxing for the individuals involved, and a detriment to workplace productivity.

Mediation with an external third party is a proven way of resolving conflict and returning the workplace to a healthy and productive environment. Follow-up training in communication skills, avoiding lateral violence and stress management is available.

Individual pre-mediation meetings and the mediation itself generally take place on-site, although arrangements can be made to do the work at an alternative location.

This service is available for Government, Industry, Non-Profit Agencies and Aboriginal Organizations.




Counselling for those experiencing recent traumatic incidents or the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), including childhood sexual abuse is available for most individuals and groups. Burrows Consulting also provides critical incident stress debriefings (CISD) for the RCMP and Worksafe BC on an "on-call" basis following events that may involve fatalities or serious injuries.

Services are also available for victims of criminal assaults (physical or sexual assault, violent robbery) through arrangements with the Victims of Crime Assistance Program in British Columbia.

Residential School Syndrome is a documented set of symptoms experienced by those who attended the Indian Residential Schools run by the Churches and Canada. Physical, Sexual, Emotional and Cultural abuse created a legacy of trauma for thousands of Aboriginal Canadians, their children and their communities.

Services are available for individuals who wish to participate in counselling, family groups who are seeking peace and for communities looking to "break the cycle" of trauma-related addictions, violence and oppression.


Arrangements can be made for private fee-for-service counselling. Current rates are $95/hour. Confidentiality, privacy and discretion is assured in keeping with the provisions outlined by the College of Social Workers for British Columbia.

Sorry, referrals are not being accepted for private counselling at this time.


Burrows Consulting works directly with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP "E" Division) and WorkSafe BC to provide immediate intervention for critical incidents (CISD), and / or follow-up trauma and stress management counselling for members and employees.

Arrangements can also be made directly with other organizations, including schools, First Nations and employers to provide mental health assistance after suicides, assaults and other major events.